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  • JOY
    It’s cold and snowy out, but meeting JOY made our day! 😊 #foxhollowvet  Read more
  • Diets Are Hard
    Barrington’s Diet Day 3: Complete confusion and utter devastation. #foxhollowvet  Read more
  • 101 Dalmations
    Calling the other 100 Dalmatians! #101Dalmatians#foxhollowvet  Read more
  • Frenchie Face
    Frenchie Face- brought to you by Bindi, Bash, and Dr Ryan! #foxhollowvet Read more
  • Dr. Ross's Amazon Shopping
    When Dr Ross does late night shopping on Amazon, we all benefit. Fake tattoo sleeves for the win!#foxhollowvet  Read more
  • Twinning
    #Twinning Read more
  • Remy
    The Miracle Dog! Remy recently had life saving surgery to implant a pacemaker for his heart condition, and came in today to have a follow up ECG with Dr Ross Henderson. Read more
  • Natalia
    Did you know Corgi means “dwarf dog” (In the Welsh language cor is “dwarf” and gi is “dog”). Little puppy Natalia didn’t know either, but she’s learned her fun fact Read more
  • Jax
    Just a special moment between Dr Ryan and LOLA's Rescue puppy, Jax💙 #foxhollowvet Read more
  • Treat Trick
    Barrington’s not the only one around here that has mastered the treat-on-nose trick😜 #foxhollowvet Read more
  • Lucky Greg!
    Gregory is lucky enough to not only get exams from the Fox Hollow doctors, but also from the future generations of Veterinarians! #foxhollowvet  Read more
  • Tyni Follow-up!
    We're pretty sure these are "thank you" kisses! Tyni came in for his follow-up appointment this morning and he must remember Dr. Tony showing up at the scene to care Read more
  • Radiant Roo!
    On a scale measuring bouncy energetic effervescence, where would you say 10 week old "Roo" lands? (Hint: this picture took 407 tries!) We love these peppy puppy visits! Read more
  • Deadly Disease in our Area
     Ginger the Dachshund is just one of many dogs in our area that has been recently diagnosed with Leptospirosis. Lepto is transmitted by the urine of wildlife such as foxes, Read more
  • Decisions...Decisions...
    Barrington had a hard time deciding what to be this Halloween- Which one do you vote for? Read more
  • Alaskan Klee Kai
    How adorable is 4 month old Kenai? This beauty is an Alaskan Klee Kai which is a smaller version of the Alaskan Husky. Unlike Huskies they only grow to about Read more


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  • "Great experience. For me, the most important thing was low stress. I had a new, large dog that needed to be neutered. I was able to make the appointment online, receive confirmation and drop him off at the appointed time without any delay. The procedure went well and I was able to pick him up when I got off work. Again, stress free and quick."
    Ronda F. Lakewood, CO
  • ""Fox Hollow Animal Hospital has the nicest staff! They treat my little Ringo like their own. The doctor was great! Right off the bat he hugged and loved on my little boy! I feel so comfortable taking my dog to Fox Hollow! Thank you!""
    Laura Carpenter
  • ""All of the office staff and veterinarians have always been kind and professional, especially during difficult visits.""
    Lindsay May