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  • Groot
    You hold them just that much tighter when you know on the next visit they’ll be too big to carry around!#foxhollowvet #GrootTheGreatDane  Read more
  • Eleven Years!
    Eleven years later and they haven't aged a bit! #foxhollowvet Read more
  • Lap full of love!
    Impossible not to smile today! #foxhollowvet  Read more
  • Charlie Brown!
    Meet Charlie Brown! This big, goofy Rocky Mountain Walrus is on the lookout for a family of his own! He was a staff favorite today for his neuter surgery and Read more
  • Lord Barrington Update
    Barrington Update!Thank all for your constant messages of love and concern for our sweet Barrington. We wanted to give you a quick update: In the last few weeks it was Read more
  • Kitten!
    Cutest kitten ever! foxhollowvet  Read more
  • Frenchie Babies!
    Our c-section Frenchie babies from March came in for their 9 week visit and we can’t believe how they’ve grown! Three perfect little bulldogs!#foxhollowvet  Read more
  • Meet our adoptable Guinea Pig!
    Meet Ferguson! This handsome guy is looking for a forever home! He is VERY social, great with people of all ages and with other pets and would be a wonderful Read more
  • Two Generations
    There is always something special about a day like today with two generations of surgeons working together for a patient #foxhollowvet  Read more
  • Barrington Needs Your Positive Vibes
    Our mascot needs your positive energy! This weekend, Barrington became suddenly ill with an autoimmune blood disorder and is receiving a blood transfusion as we write this. He truly is Read more
  • April 3rd, 2019
    Some patients make our hearts ache. Even though they have been mistreated and neglected by humans, they still want to trust us. The tiniest tail wag, or moment of closeness, Read more
  • Adoptable Tuesday!
    Its Adoptable Tuesday here! Dr Ryan will be spaying Violet with LOLA's Rescue, and Dr Cara will be neutering Coffee with Vintage Dog Rescue! If you are looking for a new best Read more
  • Heartworm
    🌼Happy 1st Day of Spring!🌼 This is Jessie, an incredibly sweet girl with Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue. Today she is completing her heartworm treatment and that’s a huge accomplishment! Heartworm treatment is Read more
  • #Twinning
    #Twinning #foxhollowvet  Read more
  • Ragnar
    Ragnar- just what we needed today! #foxhollowvet  Read more
  • Multi-tasking from the heart
    Multi-tasking from the heart: Dr Tim was completing some of his phone calls while also letting his patient, Cali, get in some good quality cuddle time after her Dental Cleaning Read more


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  • "Great experience. For me, the most important thing was low stress. I had a new, large dog that needed to be neutered. I was able to make the appointment online, receive confirmation and drop him off at the appointed time without any delay. The procedure went well and I was able to pick him up when I got off work. Again, stress free and quick."
    Ronda F. Lakewood, CO
  • ""Fox Hollow Animal Hospital has the nicest staff! They treat my little Ringo like their own. The doctor was great! Right off the bat he hugged and loved on my little boy! I feel so comfortable taking my dog to Fox Hollow! Thank you!""
    Laura Carpenter
  • ""All of the office staff and veterinarians have always been kind and professional, especially during difficult visits.""
    Lindsay May